received anonymously:

"In the early hours of the 4th of May, the ALF paid a second visit to Norwich market. This time a fishmongers stall was targeted & got a similar treatment as the butchers before. All the locks were glued & graffitti reading 'STOP KILLING ANIMALS' & the ALF logo were left on the shutters. We also decided to cover one of the fancy signs in red spraypaint.

After this we still felt there was work to be done so we paid a quick visit to a Mcdonalds 'resturant' nearby. We filled the front door lock with glue & left graffitti reading 'McMurder' & the traditional 'Meat is murder'. After this we felt pretty pleased but we thought they deserved a warmer welcome so we turned our attention to their windows. Unfortunatly the bastards housed their
resturant in an old building, with lots of little windows, but it didn't put us off. We smashed 3 of the largest windows & left the owner to enjoy his morning surprise."