reported anonymously:

"the irish ALF struck local targets again on the night of may 3rd in Dublin city, Ireland.
local fur shops such as sydney vard furriers and 'barnardos' were spray painted with slogans such as 'FUR IS MURDER', 'FUR SCUM' and of course 'A.L.F.'
and the locks were glued while 'rohu' furs had their locks glued.
'La Cave' restaurant who sell the cruel 'fois gras' duck/goose liver dish was also targeted with spray paint. Trinity college, openly enact in vivisection, had their science entrance sprayed with 'vivisection is scientific fraud', 'free the animals', 'vivisection-lies' and, 'ALF'.
also, a local tattoo parlour, who up until recently before being sold to a new, loving home held a python snake in a small tank and cruel conditions in their studio, had their front window spray painted and their locks glued as pay back for the snake."