Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Members of Dover Harbour Board were recently targeted by the Animal Liberation Front. Pay back time for all the primates you have allowed through your port, knowing full well that they will end up mutilated and dead on a vivisector's table in some filthy lab in the UK. You are responsible and now is your time to pay the price for your support of the evil animal abusers.

Dover Harbour board director Simon William 'Bill' Fawcus, Tiled Cottage, The Street, Martin, Dover, Kent CT15 5JP
Tel: 01304 852 204 was visited at home and one of his cars
paint-strippered despite security lights. That's a bit less blood money you will have spare 'Bill'.

Dover Harbour Board, director of Port Operations, Michael Gerard Krayenbrink, 18 Encombe close, Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent CT20 3DE Tel: 01303 248 803 also got a visit in the dead of night. We paint-strippered his 2 cars and slashed all the tyres.

A message to Dover Harbour Board: we are in possession of details of a considerable number of your scummy evil operation. Keep looking over your shoulders - the ALF are onto you. Time to drop the primate traders or you all get more of the same you filthy scum.