Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

While out walking in the Dorset countryside, one activist decided to find the source of the many pheasants that are consantly foraging in the nearby fields.

Barbed wire and spiked fencing were no match against the determination to locate and eliminate animal abuse, and soon enough a big blue feeder was found swinging in a patch of woodland.

Except there was no pheasant pen lurking around the corner -- it was a fox or badger trap. Door gaping at the ready, this prison was left wide open to capture whatever innocent creature dared venture inside for the dead bird remains.

There was no way this death-trap was going to be left intact to mercilessly take animals and sentence them to death.

First the trap door was removed and flug into the surrounding woodland. The clips holding the pen together were cut, unclipped and thrown into bushes.

Finally the back panel was torn off, causing the cage to collapse in a flat heap. Much better!

As a finishing touch, the cage was bent into an obscure shape to try and prevent future use if found.

The heavy contraption was then carried to a more appropriate place for these kinds of things - in a ditch, where it will now rust away, crumpled and out of use.

This took one person, 15 minutes and a pair of kitchen scissors. Get out there and put an end to animal abuse.