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" has received information about more actions
against the Norwegian fur trade. Media reports a record-high number of
actions - counting more than 50 actions in the last six months.

Morten Sauer, a representative for the coalition for Norwegian fur shops,
confirmed in a recent news article that illegal actions work according
to the activists goals: 'It's only a question of time before some of our
furshops has to give in after batling the activists.'

* 15th of march:
DFF-activists claim responsibility for several sabotage actions against
fur shops in Oslo and say they will contine their campaign of economic
sabotage until all the furshops are closed down:
-Furshop 'Studio Olesen': windows etched and slogans spraypainted across
the shop.
-Furshop 'Brødrene Torkildsen': the shop gets a big window smashed up.
-Fur shop 'Oslo Pelssenter': both lock are glued.
-Furshop 'Olsson pels': Locks superglued and 'Murderers' spraypainted at
the shop.

* 20th of march:
-Furshop 'Brødrene Torkildsen': the shop gets covered in paint.
-Furshop 'Hansson Pels': gets its windows broken.

* 10th of april:
In Oslo: Anonymous activists smashed another window at the fur shop
'Atelier Henry Phillip' in the night. This shop has been hit numerous
times during the last six months.

* 17th of april:
In Drammen: The furshop 'Pels Larsson' was targetted by anti-fur activists.
The activists smashed the shops two windows and superglued the lock of the

* 13th of april:
In Oslo: Activists from Dyrenes Frigjøringsfront (norwegian ALF) claimed
responsibility for an attack against the head office of the Norwegian
fur farmers. Skinnsenteret in Oslo host many offices for all of the
organizations of the Norwegian fur farmers.

Dyrenes Frigjøringsfront (DFF) says they cut through a surrounding fence,
went into the area smashed twenty windows, spraypainted slogans and
smashed a car at the site."