Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Denied our right to march in support of World Day for Lab Animals we instead made the journey East to the largest White Rose incineration complex in the Midlands (Incinerator Road, Nottingham).

White Rose used to burn the bodies of animals tortured and killed by HLS, they have since severed that contract, but still choose to collaborate with other labs like Covance and Whickham. We'd recently heard that Wickham test the cosmetic beauty product Botox on animals by using the barbaric LD50 test, a test supposedly reserved for use only under exceptional circumstances. Hearing this saddened and angered us so much that in our hearts we knew we had no choice; action had to be taken!

We cut a hole in the fence around the White Rose complex, checked that the security hut by the main gates was empty and then mindful of the many workers still on site began our stealthy assault. By the time we'd finished not only had slogans explaining our motives been sprayed on buildings, cars and lorries but we had also managed to track down every vehicle parked on the site and slash their tyres, at some points having to creep along literally under the noses of the workers.

The total count at the end of the action was 10 workers cars, 1 security van, 10 lorries and 2 trailers. 3 of the most expensive looking workers cars also had paint stripper poured over them. White Rose think carefully about what you are doing as we are willing and prepared to strike again.

Let the audacity of this action remind the vivisection community of our determination to end their vile trade. Those who seek to profit from or support animal torture (including any financial institution foolish enough to consider helping HLS when it comes to their massive debt repayment) will be found and punished for their crimes. That's not a threat but a promise, ALF.