reported anonymously:

"For too long, Barnardo family of furriers in Ireland had their way. They may think that they can do whatever they please, even attacking peaceful protesters.
The FUrriers Killers Unit, have had enough. It's time to show these bastards that they cannot have a peaceful life, enjoying the commodities brought by the killing of thousands, millions of animals so two old hags and their little daughters/granddaughters and relatives can sit back and relax.

We have started this campaign by redecorating their vehicle, parked 'safely' close to their shop of horrors, behind the Dublin Tourist Center in Suffolk Street.
The two old cameras in the parking didn't deter us from doing our job.
With a sense of disgust, we saw bottles of expensive champagne and other luxury items inside the car, bought thanks to the suffering and death of animals. They even had food for some pet in there! Talk about hypocrisy and selfishness.
After this quick look, paint stripper was poured all over the car, and locks were glued.
If you feel like redecorating it further, it is a Mazda MPV blue-ish (before our renovation, anyway), registration number 02 D62162.
You can also visit them at 31 Hillside Drive, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.

This is only the beginning. We will soon escalate our tactics in this war that people like those wage against our brothers and sisters of the Animal Nations. It's time for the assassins to taste the fear and pain they impose upon the only true innocent victims, the creatures they murder for money.

FUrriers Killers Unit"


"After our last attack, Barnardo's family is now using a different car: a black Mazda 323, registration number 01 D21989. They keep parking it at the exact same spot in the Dublin Tourist Center in Suffolk Street. Feel free to play with it until they have no more cars left.

This is for you, the individual or group opposing the exploitation and deaths of animals. This is a call for you, irish people, to take action. The FUrriers Killers Unit is in a war against all furriers in Ireland, but we must all join forces to bring down this bloody business once and for all.
We believe that the movement needs protests and lobbying. But also direct action.
Together, we can destroy the fur industry. Don't let the police state scare you, don't let the electronic eyes placed in buildings and corners stop you. Cover your face. Be imaginative. The only way to send a clear message to these monsters is to attack the only thing they care about: their money.
Make them paranoid, follow them home, and let them know that not even in their houses they can feel safe. Hit their lives until they can't trust their own shadows.
Until they consider that their bloody business is not worth it and close it down.

You will hear from us again soon.

FUrriers Killers Unit"