anonymous communique:

"Last weekend, the Irish Animal Liberation Front visited Ireland's largest fur farm - Vasa Ltd, in Co. Laois.

The ALF made their way through the locked gate in a matter of seconds, and then the real fun started...

A quick scan of the area showed that the sheds were enclosed in an area secured by corrugated steel. No problem - a huge hole was then cut into this, the wire mesh behind it snipped, and the hedgerow behind that was then cleared - to allow the Mink easy access to the river running beside this concentration camp.

Graffiti was sprayed all around the place, including the signature 'ALF' calling card.

300 breeding cards were removed from one of the sheds, and then destroyed.

Moving onto the next shed, 300 Mink were liberated and were then guided to freedom, before the ALF disappeared into the darkness. It was unbearable to have to leave the others behind.

Una and Michael Heffernan are responsible for murdering over 45,000 Mink on this death camp every year. It's time to make them pay for this.

The ALF will be back, Una and Michael - and don't think that the cows and horses you keep locked up too were unnoticed.

Until all are free,
ALF Ireland"