reported anonymously:

"Under the starry night sky one night in March, several activists were waiting outside Charles Diplock Abattoir in Ringmer, Lewes, East Sussex. While this sick individual makes money from slaughtering animals, and traveling around the country slaughtering horses, we were gearing up to give his business some remodelling.

Inside the compound we found a family of murdered calves and sheep dumped on the concrete floor, having been hung up by the back legs using string and slaughtered.

We also found vehicles used to bring animals to their deaths, and a truck full of decomposing cows, left to rot. Well Charles, doesn't look like business was booming but we thought we'd help you along a little. All tyres were popped, expanding foam was inserted into the exhausts, trucks were paintstripped and other vehicles plus office windows were spray painted.

Until all are free!