Received by activists on the East Coast:

Over a dozen angry protestors showed up at the home of Gabriel G. Leung to make a bold statement. To show that anyone who so much as touches HLS will not be treated with no level of discretion regardless of their distance from the actual killing of animals.

Gabriel Leung is the Executive Vice President and President of Oncology for O.S.I. Pharmaceuticals, a Long Island Company whose operations are facilitated by Glaxo VP Robert Ingram.

Gabriel you have 30 days to make sure that puppy killing, homophobic, piece of human garbage, Robert Ingram loses his chair from the O.S.I. board of directors. We hope the chanting, smashed lamps, smashed glass table, and smashed statues help to drive this message home.

All money buddies of GlaxoSmithKline should expect similar treatment until Glaxo pulls their contract money out of Huntingdon Life Sciences."