As reported by local media in the UK:

Worcester Evening News March 14th 2005

A PUB which has been targeted by animal rights activists for cooking live lobsters is to hold another event - this time featuring mussels and clams.

The front wall of The Halfway House at Bastonford was daubed with the words Scum, Free the Lobsters, Lobster Liberation and ALF (Animal Liberation Front) in red and black paint last week.

However, owner Steve Croft said the opposition, which included pickets outside the pub and protests inside, proved the old adage that any publicity is good publicity.

Annual festival

He added that the Lobster Festival was so popular, with the pub selling more than 500 portions, they planned to make it an annual festival.

The next event on the pub menu is its Tapas and Paella Festival, which starts on Monday, March 21, and Mr Croft said he hoped it would not attract further protestors.

"It's got mussels and clams in there so we hope they don't complain about that as well."

He added that said the graffiti was being painted over at the weekend and the protestors had stopped for the time being, but condemned their actions.

"I don't mind people protesting at all but I think criminal damage is one step too far," he said.

"The festival isn't going to stop though - we're doing what we do properly and within the Defra guidelines."