anonymous report:

"A group of ELF activists reports a bank firebombed on the night of March the 12th. Windows broken and 4 molotovs (3 litres of gasoline total) thrown inside the office made for a nice and bright firestorm.
Bank we have chosen to attack plays major role in providing financial support for deforestation project in Khimki forest: it loaned out about 29 biliion rubles to the contractors responsible for toll highway construction that has already killed acres of forest north of Moscow.
We express tender solidarity with anarchists from Belarus who suffer from state repression for taking an active position against destruction of our forests (they are blamed for a firebombing attempt at russian embassy in Minsk, Belarus). And we call for decentralized actions against Sberbank of Russia, Vinci company and Belarus government offices overseas on March the 15th (or later, nevermind the date) on behalf of our belarus comrades.