anonymous communique received by Auckland Animal Action (click here for additional photos):

"This week we made our third visit to the Somerdale Poultry Lodge in South Auckland. This farm is owned by convicted Animal Abuser Mr Van Den Bogaart.

At this 'Lodge' the hens are kept in almost complete darkness and are crammed into small plastic cages where they can not adequately stretch their wings let alone dust bath, play or carry out any of their natural behaviours.

We were able to spare 40 hens this miserable existence and they are now recovering in loving homes. They will no longer be treated as egg producing machines and they will be free to live as they please.

Later this week we visited a South Auckland pullet farm and liberated 90 sweet girls destined for a battery hen farm. These lucky chicks still have many of their yellow feathers and fortunately know little of the horrors that were in store for them. These young pullets are in good spirits and have been placed in warm, loving homes where they too can be free.

We would like to dedicate this action to a Suzanne Carey; our fallen comrade. While we never met her what we heard of Suzanne has left the impression that she was a tireless activist dedicated to the fight for animal liberation. The animals have lost a great friend.

For Suzanne and the animals.