Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Inspired by the actions of others and following a period of covert surveillance we carried out our first economic sabotage attacks against HLS collaborators.

Target 1 (3rd March 2005):
Fisher Scientific employee Micheal John Harpe, 283 Beacon Road, Loughborough, LE11 2RA... 2 cars and a camper van parked in his driveway have their tyres slashed and 1 of the cars is treated to a new paint job.

Target 2 (6th March 2005):
Fisher Scientific director Sally Reynolds, 75 Main Street, Newton Linford, Leicestershire... 2 cars parked in her garage have all their tyres slashed and black paint sprayed over them, covering the windows, lights, number plates and paint work. Slogans also sprayed on internal garage walls.

To save innocent life, direct action must be taken.
Free the animals, free Sarah Gisbourne!