Received anonymously by activists in New Zealand:

"Last night (24/02/05), we liberated 40 hens from a battery egg farm south of Auckland.

Like all the other battery hen hell holes we have visited this year, the conditions were shameful - birds crammed into tiny cages, struggling over each other to reach the feed and water.

We pulled the hens from their cages one by one, and carried them to safety. At their new home, they were at first unsteady on their feet and unsure of what to do with their new found freedom. However, they soon began to preen and dust bathe, exploring their new, natural surroundings with obvious joy.

Two months into 2005 and already 113 battery hens have been liberated from factory farms in the Auckland area. This is only the beginning - as long as animals are confined and exploited on factory farms, we feel it is our duty to free them and to give them a chance at a decent life."