Received anonymously by the morini campaign:

"In the night of february 23 we decided to give a warning to those who continue collaborating with Morini. Four lightbulbs full of red paint broke themselves against the walls and sign of the building hosting Soprani's lawyer, four more hit the house of Moscatelli architect. We also left the graffiti "Stop Morini".

Those who collaborate with morini have to decide whether they want blood money or peace. We will be back at them 'till they'll drop Soprani, only by night, thanks to the ban on demos by the Power servants.

Banning should be banned!!!
'till the complete closure!"

(note: after a complete ban of any demos in front of Morini farm now the campaign has received a ban on demos in front of the farm collaborators in the whole Reggio Emilia county. This is justified with public order fears! Appeals against this are going on)