Received anonymously by UK activists:

" Press Statement from Animal Liberation Ireland

On the 29th May Animal Liberation Front activists rendered over 40 Squirrel Traps inoperable in Clongoswood College grounds in
Clane,Co. Kildare.

Squirrels have been caught in these crude devices and killed under the guise of a 'survey' initiated by the Environment Protection Agency and the Zoology Department of Trinity College Dublin.

Squirrels were found jumping and throwing
themselves against the walls of these traps, some were wounded. Both the squirrels and also birds caught in these traps were severely distressed. A note attached to these traps by the person assigned to carry this out cruel act urges others to borrow these traps and do

A message saying "NO TRAPPING signed the ALF" was sprayed on a building nearby.

The ALF is observing this situation and will continue to destroy any traps found in this wood and in either of the other two areas in Co. Kildare included in the survey.

Beautiful animals have a right to live in peace The ALF will not hesitate to act on their behalf.

Until all are free, the ALF.

ALF Ireland"