anonymous report:

"We went to Nacksta mink farm, just outside Sundsvall in the north of Sweden, prepared to release all the minks from their death camp.
There would be minks in only 3 sheds left of the existing 20 we had heard.
When we arrived we found a farm totally without fences and With very high grass at most of the area.

After having searched the farm meticulously, we were happily surprised to see that the farm had closed.
They had probably gassed the last mink in the fall of 2011 if not later, because there was still littering and no vegetation under at least one of the sheds.

We feel in our hearts compassion with all those minks that were left behind to die in the gas tank.
There will at least die no more minks at Nacksta minkfarm, that we will ensure.

-Låt Djuren Bestämma

-Let the Animals Decide"

Photos from the Nacksta mink farm, taken by Djurrättsalliansen in 2010: