received anonymously:

"To all of the activists who went to speak out against Staples' continued support of the murderous Huntingdon Life Sciences this weekend we would like to apologize for not showing up to be by your side. We instead took a little drive south to spend the weekend in Orange County. You should have seen how pretty the beaches were last weekend, the ocean was exceptionally gorgeous and even warm enough for a quick dip. Anyhow, thanks for organizing and showing up for the weekend of action demos.

Oh, and by the way, we did spend our afternoons last weekend visiting as many of the OC Staples locations as we could. Direct action walked right in the front door. We flushed compressed sponges down quite a few of Staples' easily accessable toilets followed by handfuls of toilet paper. Several Staples stores should be making expensive phone calls to plumbers this week. (our recipe: kitchen sponge, rinse, ring out, fold as small as possible, bind with rubber bands, let dry until stiff then flush away.)

Hey Staples, announce that you dropped HLS. We can be creative and we won't stop.