reported by Open rescue Russia:

A few days ago a group of animal rights activists held the first open
rescue in Russian history.

Those involved would like to make the following statement:

'We do not hide nor do we hide our faces, because we do not consider
there to be anything immoral in our actions. All we did was rescue three
living creatures from a short, miserable life and a painful death.

Alice, Zoya and Josephine – these are the names we gave to those we
liberated, because we see them as individuals, not goods to be bought
and sold.

These three turkeys were the lucky ones. They will not go with the
others to the slaughterhouse. Instead, they can see the sunlight, breath
fresh air and taste real grass.

From their time at the factory farm Zoya and Alice are left with wounded
limbs, atrophied muscles and broken bones. Josephine suffers from an
infection, swollen joints and trichomoniasis. She is constantly whining
in pain.

All three need to undergo extensive rehabilition, and it will be several
months before they are able to even walk properly.

The rescued animals are not exceptions in this regard. Almost all the
birds in the factory farm are in a similar state, because they are
treated as things and properly feeding and treating them is not

We need to put an end to this senseless and unjustifiable violence
against animals and to stop using them for food, clothing and
entertainment. You can do that even now, by joining millions of others
across the world and becoming a vegan.

As for us, we will be working to help animals until the last
slaughterhouse is shut down and last cage is opened.'"