anonymous press release:

"Direct Action Starts Against Transport Companies Involved With Fur Trade

Windows smashed at home of Andrew Fowler, UK DSV director

On thursday 14th june 2012 a direct action campaign against fur transport began with windows smashed at the Appleby, UK home of Andrew Fowler, DSV director.

Several months ago we were pleased to see the Cargo of Cruelty campaign begin exposing the companies who transport animal skins for fur around the world. Fur campaigning has always been strong in the UK: we have successfully outlawed fur farming but ironically animal rights campaigners continue to protest outside shops that sell fur.

Fur is accepted by most people as a cruel and barbaric trade but it has made a comeback in recent years with more and more fur back on the high street. In addition to the import of skins, the UK plays a huge part in the fur industry export markets. These markets are an essential part of the fur infrastructure and without the transport companies to facilitate the movement of skins, the industry would collapse. Fur skins are transported from auction house to designers to retail store.

Direct action will continue against anyone involved in the companies we know to be involved in the transportation of fur.

Until all are free.

See for further details on the campaign."