Press release (visit to learn more about the recent slaughter of over 500 kangaroos in Canberra):

"At the Belconnen Naval Station kangaroo slaughter, security guards have joined in herding kangaroos, witnessed by shocked protesters. Witnesses saw security waving their arms, hitting fencing and creating chaos to herd the panicked kangaroos forward.

The ensuing chaos and stress inflicted on the kangaroos resulted in many violently hitting the barrier fences and breaking legs and left to die.

So chaotic was the situation, that a joey was trampled and separated from it’s mother, the frightened joey managed to scramble into nearby scrub. It remained there the entire day seperated from it’s mother and left to die or be killed by the shooters.

Fortunately for this Joey, it’s location remained constant due to the stress inflicted by securities unlawful herding efforts. The joeys location was monitored by protesters throughout the day.

With the location of the joey known, a motivated individual managed to avoid detection by security, and rescued this orphaned joey that was near death and exposed to the elements. The rescue took place without disturbing nearby kangaroos or causing stress.

This saved joey - the very animal we proudly display on our coat of arms, and hold as the very iconic symbol of our great nation, will now live a long and free life well away from the killer capital - Canberra Australia.

Protesters at the Belconnen site are now being intimidated, harassed and systematically pursued with false allegations by security in a clumsy attempt to have them removed from the site as witnesses to the inhumane slaughter. Let the world know this is an inhumane slaughter and the RSPCA ACT are doing nothing to stop it!

The ACT Government deliberately over inflating the relocation cost in order to carry out it’s Eastern Grey Kangaroo kill policy. A number of much cheaper non-lethal relocation proposals were submitted but ignored by Canberra’s redneck Government. The Government stated it was $3.5 million for relocation, when the factual price is between $400,00 and $700,000

The blood on the ground has not yet dried from this farcical inhumane slaughter at Belconnen, and Chief Minister Stanhopes already planning the next mass kill at Majura.

Anyone that considers themselves a patriotic intelligent Australian should be outraged at the injustices and relentless persecution of Eastern Grey Kangaroos taking place in the Nations Capital, and put a stop to it.
This is our national icon!

For further shocking facts, interviews and images about this inhumane slaughter in Australia’s national capital - Media can call 0450 409 382

Friends of the animal army"