received anonymously:

"Up on Ilkley moor grouse butts have been taken apart in a further action. We are well aware of how Bradford City Council have conspired to trade in cruelty to shift responsibility for managing the moor onto a shooting and conservation (!) group.

We guess the costs for this venture are increasing. The prestige of presiding over Rombalds moor is diminishing. We ask Bradford City Council and the Bingley Moor Partnership to back out of plans to profit from blasting Ilkley grouse apart, and in turn commit to leaving Ilkley moor as a place where grouse and other animals can live without the threat of shotguns, larsen traps or fen traps and any of the other hideous methods used by gamekeepers.

This action is dedicated to Anne Hawksworth, Bradford councillor and cheerleader for the shoot.

Animal Liberation Front"