reported by 269 activists in Israel (click here to see more photos from the rescue):

"'Conservation' Liberation By 269 Activists

A hen, a rabbit and 4 guinea pigs have been liberated in Israel from the Israeli 'conservation' (caging for money) society park by 269 activists, and found loving homes!

A hen, a rabbit and 4 guinea pigs in Israel have been liberated from the 'live stamp collection' (that some people see as 'conservation park') and re-homed (or to be precise, judging by their behavior, finally feel like they found a home, in the first time in their lives). Like any other zoo, the 'conservation park' is making profit from 'educational tours', where children can learn that the guinea pigs, like the ones they cage, had an important role – nourishing humans and 'serve' as a live model for tests (true story – that's the accurate translation from Hebrew of what the sign with the guinea pigs says), and mainly speciesism. Heartbreaking pictures were taken, and for dessert – 2 signs have been improved ('in order to keep the animals from running away, please close the gates'-> 'in order to keep the animals from running away, please close the gates -269'), as seen in the picture.

The background to the action – after discovering (by the story of a jackal who has been found trapped in his 2 front legs – and 2 dead jackals after it) that the Israeli 'conservation' park traps jackals via leg traps (where animals either chew their own legs until they're teared, while trying to escape, or left to die in hunger and thirst), so they wouldn’t harm the animals (=property) they harm in captivity, we’ve gone to check this place out – the harm to the jackals, AND to the animals that wouldn’t have been harmed, 'forcing' the park to trap jackals, if they were not in captivity on the first place.

In the pictures: empty food and water dishes for most of them, water that were dyed in deep green from pollution, which they drink from, sheep, lambs, goats and kids shoving their heads through the bars of their prison, in desperate trials to get out, ducks and geese swimming and drinking from dangerous water that has been declared as 'not suitable for drinking or swimming', animals suffering from pests and hair loss (probably because of the pests) – the liberated rabbit was one of them.

The chicken is probably (judging by her bony shape) a spent 'egg layer'. 1/2 of her beak was trimmed ('bad trimming', as opposed to 'good trimming' – 1/3 of the beak), many of her feathers were missing (all of her long neck, probably from rubbing against the bars because she, like all of the chickens, has a need to take a sand bath, but has never seen the sand, as well as around the eyes, probably from the poisonous Ammonia gas she, like them all, breathed), and unsurprisingly, she was scared of humans.
While rabbits and guinea pigs are known to be vulnerable to heat (rabbits come from a very cold climate, and in nature animals are able to migrate to a warmer or cooler place) and to die in the Israeli summer, the animals were kept in the hot and dry Israeli summer (that's 30°C degrees!) without any cooling system (no heating systems were found either), and without even water, I remind; and these are the 'good conditions', for the 'luckier' animals."