reported by activists in Sweden:

"26 June - Stockholm: The fur shop on Scheelegatan gets a visit and the windows are destroyed by etching fluid and tar is poured on the shop.- DBF

27 June - Stockholm: The owner to the fur shop Master Furs gets a visit and his neighbours are made aware of what he does for a living through slogans. - DBF

27 June - Stockholm: One of the owners to the fur shop in Arsta gets a home visit and the slogan 'Lundmark is a murderer' is sprayed. - DBF

28 June - Stockholm: The fur shop in Arsta gets locks and doors filled with building silicone. - DBF

29 June - Stockholm: Elsons fur shop is painted. - DBF

8 July - Stockholm: At the same day the fur shop on Scheelegatan closes for a holiday, activists paint the shop blue. - DBF"