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Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:
View the photos here.

"During the night to the 22 July we visited a rabbit farm in Rångedala along road 40 ca 10 km outside Borås. Inside some small and filthy cages sat a beautiful rabbit mother with her 7 small babies that could only have been a few weeks old. In the cages next to them were 8 grey rabbits that didn't even have access to water.

We had brought some cardboard boxes and while one of us spray painted a message from Djurens Befrielsefront on one of the houses, we carefully placed the rabbits in the boxes. It took us quite a while because of all the cars that was driving past us on the big road that was only 20 meters away and we had to run and hide every time a headlight appeared in the dark.

Just when we were about to leave the farm we glanced into a third cage that
we had thought was empty, only to find a big male rabbit looking back on us
from a corner. Naturally we made room for him in one of the boxes before we
took of towards the car.

We left the farm with 17 rabbits that now would all be given a chance to a
new life. The mother and her young ones were placed in a loving home in the
countryside so that they can grow to be a little bigger before they can be
released into the woods. We drove far into the forest to release the big
male and the 8 grey rabbits near a lake.

In Sweden 200 000 rabbits are butchered yearly for their meat. These rabbits
have never been given a chance to a natural life where they can dig and
jump. Already at five weeks of age they are torn away from their mother and
put in other cages. It is not unusual that the rabbits in the farms fight
with each other and bite each other bloody or get ill from parasites, meningitis or lung diseases.

With this action we would like to protest against the whole rabbit meat
producing industry that is starting to get a foothold in Sweden.

Always on the animals side - DBF"