Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

During the night to the 14 of July we visited Fridtuna Ägg in Ljungby and placed several incendiary devices by a building that housed an egg store and an office belonging to the battery farm. The incendiary devices was set to go of at 02:05 and with the help of the owner, who had left a window open for us, the fire could easily spread into the building leading to the total destruction of the egg shop.

This battery farm was founded already in 1923 and has recently been charged for using illegal battery cages (too small) and last October 90 hens were liberated and 400 kg of eggs were smashed. This has not changed the owners mind as he still keeps all the hens in the smaller illegal cages and refuses to shut down. We now hope that he will rethink again - and if he doesn't close down we'll be back again!

We would like to dedicate this action to the activists who carried out the first action against Fridtuna Ägg on the 23 of October last year and liberated 90 hens.

/Djurens Befrielsefront - The Swedish ALF