Received anonymously by activists in Norway:

"Last night, 11th july, we - a group of anonymous activists - decided to give Loken Gard (in Eidsberg, Ostfold, Norway's only breeder of dogs for vivisection - ed.) a little reminder, and a clear message, of what the animal rights movement think of their breeding and selling of dogs to the vivisection industry.

We - the group of activists. packed our equipment, went trough our plans and made our way to Loken Gard. Outside Loken Gard we could hear the dogs barking, we instantly thought of how these animals soon will be killed in painfull experiments. This gave us the feeling that we should do more than we had decided.

Outside Loken Gard we poured numerous gallons of red paint, as a symbol of the bloody business of Loken Gard. We also spraypainted slogans at the site: "Stop the slavery" and "Close down Loken Gard" to make our message to the owners of Loken Gard absolutely clear.

We could have done more and maybe we should have done more, but we only brought the equipment for what we had planned, so we chose to stick to the plan. So we carried out our plan to show that the fight to close down Loken Gard will continue untill they stop the selling of dogs to experiments.

The owners of Loken Gard
Tor Erik Larsen (phone: + 47 909 47 801/+ 47 66 78 47 25), Hege Synove Renstrom (phone:+47 913 76 820) and Reidun Elise Aas are the owners of Loken Gard. Please let them know what you think of their "business"

Anonyme dyrerettighetsaktivister (anonymous animal rights activists)"