Received anonymously by activists in Germany

"On 5th of march we placed an incendiary device that was hidden in a cigarette box in a P&C store in Hannover. The box contained a 9 volt battery, an analoguos wristwatch and a car-light bulb, which were wired to eachother. The fuse lights a firelighter-cube. It was the goal to start the sprinkler system to cause waterdamage. The fuse was adjusted to start in the middle of the night when there are no more customers left in the house.

Additional the box was not hidden in clothing-articles, so that it won't be taken away by accident. Although the process of the measure was not satisfying, the message was clear: P&C North and P&C West must stop selling fur. Leave the path of animal exploitation and no further measures will follow. Similar measures have been very successful in England. We proved that we have the determination and the knowledge.

The violence against animals must come to an end. In tiny cages waiting for the brutal murdering, that's the reality in furfarms. That's the speciesist violence we are fighting. Until all animals are free.

Animal Liberation Front July 2005"