Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

We received the following report anonymously.

I started hearing rumours of a poor bunny with horrible owners in West Sussex. Her hutch was broken and the staffy dog who shared the garden kept getting in the hutch, scaring her and chasing her round the garden. I feared for this bunny and when I heard from a neighbour that the families children had been seen throwing stones at her, I couldn't bear the thought of her coming to harm so I decided I would have to rescue her myself as I had no faith in the RSPCA.

The bunny also kept escaping from the garden, so I thought that at a time when she leaves the garden I could just grab her, and take her to safety.

I waited and waited, but she had vanished. She had been missing for days, and the owners had thrown out her hutch. I heard from neighbours that the children had been throwing stones again. I was devastated and thought I'd come too late to save her.

Luckily a vigilant neighbour noticed her a few days later in another garden. I managed to catch the bunny and take her home. She now has a new hutch and a large run to play in safe from dogs and children. She is very happy.

This was the first time I had rescued an animal myself, and just seeing how happy she is now, it won't be the last. I might not be ready for the brave actions I read of like laboratory raids, but I have made the first step and it is something I hope to work upto one day! So many animals to save!

ALF - and proud!