received anonymously:

"In early July, 2015, in a wood, deep in the countryside of the South West we found one of the many pheasant enclosures in the area. A 7ft high wire mesh fence, surrounded by electric wire, estimated at about 30m wide, 60m long. We took out our boltcutters and snipped away at the electric wire, the wire to the clip that attached it to the power source and several areas of the wire mesh fence, in total we flattened an entire 30m long side of the enclosure. We then found an empty tank with a tube that went under the fence, we snapped the tube off the tank and cut it open. We then found a shooting platform with 3 legs. We pushed cotton wool, fire lighter sticks and sponges in the foundations of 2 of the legs and dowsed them with nail polish remover, which is just as good of an incendiary as petrol. We lit it and exited the scene. We have no idea if the fire burned itself out without causing any lasting damage, or if the flames turned the whole thing to ashes. We can hope.

People pay big money to shoot pheasants released from an enclosure in the line of shooters. Should they reach the borders without yet suffering the bullet they would be met by 'beaters' who scare them, confuse them by hitting the ground with sticks and lessen their chance of escape.

All animals feel fear and pain. It is for the animals that we wage this attack. Even in the most rural of areas, outside of the Badger Cull zones we will find these genocidal maniacs.

PS. We are aware of the strong possibility that this sort of action occurs around the UK much of the time and does not get reported."