received anonymously; hacktivists copied customer details dating back to 2007, but we have only uploaded information from 2017, 2016 and 2015:

"Hot on the heals of hacking Teyci and their web site
our campaign against bullfighting continues today with the complete
owning of Localidades Galicia Ltd of Madrid. This disgusting company
sells tickets to people who wish to watch animals getting tortured to
death by armed thugs in the bullring in Madrid. They operate a web site
at for this purpose.

We are happy to announce that Localidades Galicia has been hacked and
their entire customer database has been copied. Over 42,000 people who
bought bullfighting tickets from this company from 2007 to the present
day have now been exposed.

To anyone reading this who is not familiar with bullfighting, please
visit the following links before continuing to read. In order to
understand why you should care about the hacking of this data you first
need to understand the sickness that is bullfighting.

Every single person listed in the leaked customer database has paid
money to go and watch animals get tortured to death. Bullfighting could
not happen if these people did not pay to watch it. Each person went to
the bullring thinking that there would be no consequences for this and
that they could hide safely behind a concrete wall watching the torture
then simply carry on with their life. They were wrong.

There is now an opportunity for caring people around the world to bring
about at least some justice. Each coward's full name, telephone number
and email address is included in the leaked database. There are tourists
from the USA, Germany, France, UK, and other countries as well as local
residents of Spain. Do give serious consideration to making contact with
some of them and communicating in whatever way seems best to you. A bit
of effort searching on Linkedin, Facebook and other online sources can
probably also dig up photos, home addresses, employers and all kinds of
other information about these people. We will leave it up to others
around the world to decide how best to use the information. Let your
imagination run wild.

People involved in supporting and promoting bullfighting in any way need
to understand that they can no longer do this without facing personal
consequences. Each and every company involved can and will be hacked.
Each and every person involved will be identified, named and shamed. You
have been getting away with this for far too long. It is time that you
were made accountable.

Everyone has a part to play in this campaign to bring down the
bullfighting industry. No matter what your particular skills or
circumstances you can help.

People with some level of technical proficiency who have not hacked
before and would like to try should read the following two guides.

You can then either act completely alone or get involved with the
Anonymous movement. The link below will walk you through joining our IRC
server to collaborate with other like-minded individuals if that is what
you choose to do.

If hacking is not for you please take time to put pressure on the people
listed in the database in whatever way you see fit. If even 10% of them
decide to never attend another bullfight that is less money for the
companies involved.

Last of all you can contact Localidades Galicia Ltd directly on +34 91
531 9131 and [email protected] if you want to speak to
them about their business model. They are probably a bit busy at the
moment trying to work out how they got completely pwned but we are sure
they would love to hear from you anyway.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us."