Update on Animal Liberation Victoria's open rescue in solidarity with the 10 Austrian animal rights activists in prison (see www.vgt.at):

"The 13 hens rescued on June 22, 2008 in solidarity with the jailed Austrian activists are all doing very well. Little Martina (named after Martin Balluch who has been on hunger strike since May 21) was found starving to death in the excrement pit under the cages. (see photo below) Martina weighed only 400 grams instead of a healthy 1.8 kilos. She has tremendous spirit, bright eyes and a zest for life, just like Martin Balluch. Martina is a survivor and is now eating, drinking and enjoying fresh air, sunshine and good food. As are the other survivors (see second photo).


The Austrian activists need all the support we can give."

Please visit www.vgt.at to learn more about the imprisoned activists and how you can contact the Austrian authorities.