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Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Nottinghamshire, UK 2005

Arla/Express Dairies think it's alright to treat cows as industrialized milk producing machines, they think it's alright to forcibly inseminate (rape) cows, they think it's then alright to snatch away the calves and either force them into a life of servitude like their mothers, or send them off to the slaughter house to end up on the plates of greedy, selfish humans.

As compassionate people we think treating cows this way is totally unacceptable and so we felt that Arla/Express Dairies deserved some form of punishment. This is why we launched a quiet, controlled assault that resulted in most tyres being punctured on 25 of their refrigerated lorries. Our attempt at breaking the world tyre slashing record had to be stopped ealier than planned when a worker appeared on site... but as 115 tyres were already popped we still may have earned our place in the Guinness Book of Records.

2 small holes were made in each tyre allowing for efficient yet slow deflation, no doubt this action would have caused a few headaches in the morning - although not as a big a headache as can be expected on World Day by animal abuse companies everywhere!