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Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

On the 4th july a Animal Liberation Front cell travelled to oxford armed with
incendiary devices containing approximatley 11 litres of petrol. At app 11 pm
they broke into oxford's universitys Hertford college Boat House and deployed the devices among the boats. Before leaving they re-padlocked the door and glued all the locks to avoid the possibility of people entering before the devices ignited.

The reason for the attack was as follows: Oxford University's holdings now
own the contract to build the South Parks lab, as far as The A.L F are concerned this means that Oxford University as a whole must accept the consequences.From here on nothing you own, rent or have dealings with is off limits until the project is scrapped, To warn builders and suppliers that they are going to get some, even if their involvement comes to light years later we will not let you offf the hook!

This action is dedicated to Dave Blenkinsop, Keith Mann, Sarah Gisbourne and all the other brave animal liberationists presently incarcerated and to all our friends who in the face of mounting repressive anti protest legislation refuse to lie down.