received anonymously:

"Bradford Council has recently agreed a contract to allow the unacceptable shooting of grouse on the public land of Ilkley moor, West Yorkshire. This agreement has been made with Edward Bromet of the Bingley moor partnership that currently manages shoots on the Bingley and Burley moors.

Activists investigated coverts in the Bingley moor area, and in the first woodland found a number of snares in a region of rough fencing with gaps for channeling animals. Within this compound an artificial earth was uncovered next to the grouse pen, there were no foxes evident in the area, and the grouse pen was empty, however, this sturdy structure did not take long to be completely demolished.

In the next covert a larsen trap was discovered and destroyed, further along a trap that looked to be used for rats or small mammals was discovered and also dismantled.

In the next covert more snares were found and destroyed,

This action is dedicated to Judge Ross.

End the Ilkley moor shoot.

Animal Liberation Front"