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"2nd of July (Oslo): All windows smashed in fur shop 'Brødrene Thorkildsen'
by activists from the Norwegian ALF - DFF (Dyrenes Frigjøringsfront). This
is the third action in the last year against this shop.

13th of june (Oslo): Fur shop 'Isaksen Pels' gets several windows smashed
by anonymous anti-fur activists. This shop has also been hit numerous
times lately.

26th of may (Oslo): Newsmedia reports about another action against the
unpopular fur shop 'Atelier Henry Phillip'. Media reports that locks are
glued, five windows smashed.

The owner of the fur (Henry Phillip) shop says to the media - after the
police authorities have promised to guard his fur shop especially: 'It
seems like they have gone amok. They won't give in. It seems like there is
nothing that can scare these people away.' Media also reports that this
action is number 31 against the shop and privately, in the ongoing battle
to shut the place down.

17th of may: Fur shop 'Pels Larsson' is hit for the second time in two
nights. This time a window was broken."