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Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

Acts of property destruction occured at offices of Wachovia Securties on Long Island, Friday, 6/24.

Gallons of red paint and thinner were strewn acrossthe the building at (office #1 see below) with a paint filled and recharged fire extingiusher. Paint and thinner was also splattered across the entire front of (office #2 see below) and at this location windows were also broken.

These actions took place because of GlaxoSmithKline's continued support of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Glaxo has shown the activist community that it does not care about the 180,000 animals that die at HLS each year. Glaxo has shown that it does not care about the welfare of children dying in the third world. Glaxo has shown that it will continue to sell drugs that kill American youth and destroy families.

Wachovia Corp is one of the largest institutional holders of Glaxo stock with outstanding GSK Shares = +11,664,178, valued at ~ $567,345,617. Wachovia has also made the mistake of welcoming Glaxo VP Robert Ingram to their board of directors.

We, the ALF are demanding that Wachovia either remove Robert Ingram from the board, or sell all of their shares in GSK stock. If they fail to do so then the attacks will escalate.

We, the ALF expect GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, and other top ranking clients of HLS to take their business elsewhere. Dont doubt that we always win!

(Office #1)
Wachovia Securities Financial Network
510 Broadhollow Rd
Suite 308
Melville, NY 11747-3606
Phone: (631) 773-5400
Toll Free: (866) 425-2266
Fax: (631) 773-5393
Frank Albano, Branch Manager

(Office #2)
Wachovia Securities
88 Froehlich Farm Boulevard
Suite 110
Phone: (516) 677-5500
Toll Free: (800) 874-9784
Fax: (516) 921-1310
Christopher Davis, Branch Manager