Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Last night, nine vans belonging to DHL were sabotaged at their depot in Poole. Tyres were slashed on all of the vehicles. When tyres are slashed, all of them have to be replaced, even if they look fine in case the blade did not penetrate entirely (they don't want the wheels blowing on the road) - in this instance that will mean checking, and possibly replacing up to 20 sets of tyres.

Be in no doubt DHL that this was simply a light warning. The next time we will have no hesitation in immobilising a whole fleet of your vehicles - maybe in Bedford, maybe Cirencester, maybe Rexham - you won't know until it is too late.

We trust you will make the right decision and stop delivering to HLS.

HLS can and will be closed - by all means necessary."