Kali Tuna

Kali Tuna

received anonymously:

"Ugljan, a scenic island off the Croatian coast is home to one of the most destructive fishing companies in Europe.

On the night of the 27th of January, ALF activists made a visit to the Bluefin Tuna farms of Kali Tuna.

In freezing and challenging conditions a tuna pen 500 m offshore was sabotaged by cutting and lowering down the net to allow fish from this endangered species to swim out into freedom.

As the action was carried out at night time, no reliable information about the outcome of the operation can be given.

This was the second action of its kind, after hitting a Maltese tuna farm last summer causing 100.000 Euro in damages and liberating an undefined number of animals.

The ALF will intensify its efforts against this shameful and ruthless industry. Any company and operation that is responsible for the critical state of this magnificent animal species is on our list.

-until every cage is empty-

Kali Tuna