received anonymously:

"Monday night (Jan 28, 2008) we paid another visit to 180 La Pata in San Clemente, CA. We redecorated with bright yellow paint and glued some locks. As Phenomenex continues to be a supplier we will continue to stop by. We used yellow paint just for you Farajollah. We figured that with all of this rain you might have been missing those gorgeous sunsets from that Palos Verdes estate that we are familiarizing ourselves with. See you there soon. (You won't see us.) Drop HLS just like all of the wise ones have.

Tuesday night (Jan 29, 2008) we paid another visit to 1014 Hillcrest, Inglewood CA. We redecorated with black paint and glued the locks. Hubnet, you are still working with HLS so we are still watching. We also hit the little blue Hubnet van out front with some paint. We didn't expect to see it out there otherwise it would have gone up in flames. Cut those HLS ties or you'll hear from us again. Count on it.

In solidarity with those who put on the black ski masks and acted on Phenomenex in the UK this week and for the animals suffering inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences,