anonymous communique:

"ALF activists paid a visit to an Alliance Unichem store in East Yorkshire, 'VIVISECTION KILLS', 'NOVARTIS/GSK PRODUCTS TESTED AT HLS', and 'HLS CLOSE THEM DOWN' were sprayed all over the shutters and signs. Wherever Novartis and Glaxo sell their products we will target, until both withdraw support for HLS.

On our way back we drove past a butchers so we thought we'd give it the ALF treatment as well, locks glued and 'MEAT = MURDER' was sprayed on the windows.

This is just the beginning, as long as animal torture continues we will be out taking action on behalf of the voiceless. Novartis, GSK, HLS, Butchers, and Slaughter houses are one and the same, they engage in mass murder for mass profits. We say no more, it ends here! We will make you pay for your crimes.

Until all are free,