received anonymously:

"Just before Christmas, we took 8 turkeys from a farm in the south of England.

While we were unable to take the rest, we knew that these would be able to live out the rest of their lives without the threat of being eaten hanging over them.

It was difficult to make the decision so late into their farmed lives as we know their legs may give out earlier than they would in turkeys that haven't been pumped full of growth hormones their whole lives.

However, we also know of turkeys that have lived for years before this has happened and have been seen running around happily, their legs growing stronger as their happiness increases.

We would like to thank all those people who stood in the cold, protesting, leafletting, educating and playing their part in saving as many animal lives as we can. Everything, every tactic, has its place.

Our respect to everyone who continues to campaign for the animals.

Report was delayed while we ensured the turkeys reached their new homes safely and while their stress subsided after their move. We can now confirm they are all increasing in confidence, eating healthily and seem like they've always been 'a part of the furniture'."