received anonymously:


NEW: GlaxoSmithKline's toothpaste 'Superglue'

Letters containing a tube of toothpaste were sent to the

* Federal Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (Bundesministerium für Soziales und Konsumentenschutz)
* Food Analysis Laboratory of the City of Vienna (Lebensmitteluntersuchungsanstalt der Stadt Wien)

to be received on Jan. 9, 2008.

The letters claimed that products of the brands Odol, Parodontax, Dr. Best and Sensodyne had been contaminated with glue and were put in store shelves in several towns in Austria. The toothpaste sent to the laboratory and the ministry was contaminated with superglue (Loctite).

Odol, Parodontax, Dr. Best and Sensodyne are products of GlaxoSmithKline, GSK.

- Then happened NOTHING

no warning of consumers
no media reports
no controls

The supermarkets and drugstores sold all relevant products without interruption.

- What does it take to go on selling possibly contaminated products without hesitation?

A. A nitwit as Minister for Consumer Protection
B. A greedy, ruthless and potentially murderous company like GSK
C. Non-existent national compensation laws to protect consumers

- Open invitation for corporate criminals

All corporate criminals are invited to produce in or export products from Austria regardless of the toxicity. Obviously there are no controls here, but open borders to the countries of the European Union.

GlaxoSmithKline already had its field trial and as it was to be expected, they took the chance. No controls, no media, no laws. Go ahead. Sell what you have, contaminated or not.

- Lessons for activists

There are countries where you actually have to face the horrifying potential of hurting or killing someone. Austria is not the USA, UK or recently France. In those countries regulations guarantee that consumers are protected in cases of potential threats to their health.

A similar action against a candy bar manufacturer took place in Canada Jan. 2, 1992. Cold Buster bars were said to be poisoned with oven cleaning fluid and returned to the store shelves for public consumption. Communiques and samples of contaminated bars were sent to TV stations and newspapers. There was an estimated more than $1 million cost to the manufacturer of this candy just from recalling the candy.

- Will products from GSK ever be save?

Take some Loctite, smear it on your toothbrush, clean your teeth with that and see what your dentist thinks about this. If you still go to a shop and buy Odol, Parodontax, Dr. Best or Sensodyne, then you will never learn.

- Further questions?

In case you have further questions, there is a day and night hotline available. The director of GSK in Austria will certainly help you with problems concerning products from GSK; or send him a superglued toothbrush requesting informations about methods of safe application.

Dr. Eduardo Castro de Pinte Leite
Dreimarksteingasse 6
1190 Wien
Phone: (01) 890 00 45
e-Mail: [email protected]

or contact GSK Austria
Phone: +43 (1) 970 750
Fax: +43 (1) 970 75 170
Fax: +43 (1) 97075 197
e-Mail: [email protected]

If you are calling from outside of Austria, dial 0043 1 890 00 45. Callers from overseas should keep in mind that the time-lag may result in a disturbing ringing of the phone in the small hours of the night in Austria when there is broad daylight at your location.

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