The following is a summary of recent incidents in Germany reported on the Anti-Hunting Blog (animal rights activists may not be responsible for all of these incidents):

- A hunting seat/tower was destroyed by fire in Hettenshausen (Bavaria) on January 18.

- According to news reports, between January 6-7 a hunting tower at the edge of a nature reserve near Salem (Schleswig-Holstein) was knocked over. Two other hunting towers in the same area were damaged in November and December. Police blamed "Militant hunting opponents."

- In early January, two hunting towers were demolished near Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Local police speculated that animal rights activists were responsible.

- On December 24, a hunting tower was set on fire near the city of Hildesheim (Lower Saxony).

- Police are investigating an explosion that completely destroyed a hunting tower in Pollhagen (Lower Saxony) in mid-December. The exact cause of the blast has not been determined.

- Late on December 14 a hunting tower was damaged by an explosion in Samern (Lower Saxony). photo:

- On November 14, the inside of a hunting tower in Duderstadt (Lower Saxony) was soaked with butyric acid, making it unusable.