Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

"Our New Years Resolution is to make life a whole lot more fun for Teva Pharmaceuticals executives (and employees). So to start off the year right we first sent dozens of magazine subscriptions to three execs and their spouses. Enjoy the bills!

Next we had a little fun with Teva-USA CEO George Barrett. George is on the board of the Middle States Tennis Patrons Foundation. That is he was...

But a letter was sent from the board's president to all the other board members, informing them that George has been removed from the board for his horrible cruelty to animals.

Meanwhile George had sent letters of his own to the Pres and Vice-Pres, announcing his resignation because he didnt want to work with the complete idiots on the board. Hope it was fun sorting out, George!

We have sent the home addresses, phone numbers, and emails of all the board members to numerous above-ground activists, so were sure theyll be made public soon! Drop HLS!"