"Above ground activists have received the following anonymous reports
from December 2007 & January 2008.

1. 'DHL Deliver to Hell' & 'Close Sequani Puppy Killers' sprayed on
a bridge next to a DHL depot. We were ready to smash the place in
but there was lots of police activity around. The ALF are watching
you Sequani Quintiles and following those unmarked vans DHL are
sending in. How long before we trash them too? Animal Liberation

2. A billboard advertising TNT was covered in anti-Sequani slogans.
Perhaps TNT would like to stop dealing with the animal lab
industry and stop delivering for Arrowmight to Sequani. Nigel Arthur
Edmondson works at them both, so we will hit them both. ALF

3. Boards advertising McDonalds were torn down and destroyed. This
company kills thousands of animals every day and has come back into
the eye of the ALF. Until every cage is empty. ALF

4. A van belonging to a butcher was wrecked in West Yorkshire.
Black paint was poured all over it because of his black heart, and
the windows were smashed. No rest for the wicked. Animal Liberation

5. Bayer kills animals inside HLS so we subverted their adverts
near York. They had pictures of happy animals on them to try and
sell their products so 'Bayer Butchers Beagles - Smash HLS' was
painted over them. A.L.F."