Reported by Djurens Befrielsefronts Stodgrupp (DBF SG):

8 january 2005 - Helsingborg; Garanti Pals and Skin & Fur Center in Helsingborg was attacked with glass etching fluid. - Happy New Year - DBF

11 january 2005 - Stockholm; 1 Nordea office (Scandinavian bank) get their locks and card reader glued as a "thank you" for their sponsoring of a pro-fur homepage. A meat truck also get it's locks glued. Five fur shops on Ostermalm had slogans painted and/or locks glued. A hunting store gets their locks glued - DBF

11 january2005 - Goteborg; A fur shop in Goteborg(Gothenburg) had it's windows, walls and door painted black - DBF

12 january 2005 - Malmo; Slogans was painted in red on the sign of Havgards Pals (fur shop). The lock on Palskonfektion(another fur shop) was glued and slogans was painted all over the resident area where the owner to Palskonfektion lives. Everyone can do something - do what you can! - DBF

13 january 2005 - Malmo; 4 paint bombs where thrown on Nordiska Pals(jet another fur shop). The lock on Palskonfektion was glued again. Slogans was painted all across Malmo Town - DBF