Received anonymously by activists in Germany:

10.01.05 Borchen: laboratory animal breeder Harlan-Winkelmann has the lock of the main gate (gartenstraße 27) glued. activists also used a d-lock to block the entrance
the lock of the dog breeding facility (Am Kleeberg) was glued as well. the action was claimed by the ALF

31.12.2004 Meerbusch: The ALF paid a visit to Aribert Müller and threw paint bombs against his house. Müller is one of the leading managers of Peek & Cloppenburg (P&C). for more than 2 years a campaign against p&c is taking place in germany, austria and the netherlands.

28.12,2004 Düsseldorf: Paint stripper was put on a car in the car park of the peek & Cloppenburg (P&C) managment building. the action was stopped because the activists got disturbed.

24.12.2004 Hagen: Hunting Platform destroyed and spraypainted with "Hunt=Murder" Claimed by the ALF

14.12.2004 Münster: 30 advertisment signs of circus alberti destroyed. Claimed by the ALF

12.12.2004 Kamenz (bei Dresden): Two hunting platforms destroyed and spraypainted with "murderer" Claimed by the ALF

12.12.2004 Blankenheim (NRW): 9 hunting plattforms destroyed Action claimed by the ALF

11.12.2004 Berlin: Before the opening of the shop (Tauentzienstrasse) at 9am all 8 doors of the Peek & Cloppenburg store got closed with d-locks.