received anonymously:

"On a midweek night in London, cheap entertainment is hard to find. However, on this occasion, a bit of invention lead to a thoroughly hilarious and entertaining show. In Shaftsbury Avenue the McShit has railings that are very close to the metal door handles, and we thought it would be highly amusing if they were chained together just before the shop was about to shut, thus preventing the door being closed.

Well attaching and locking the chain was child's play... and then the fun started. Watching the McManager and McAssistant McManager trying to tug the metal chain with complete futility was brilliant, and then a McWorker was made to stand at the door advising members of the public that the restaurant was, dispite the fact the door was chained open, in fact closed. While sipping pints of vegan lager from a nearby pub, we watched and laughed while the resident McIdiots wondered how to solve this most unusual problem. How many restaurants I wonder have ever had the problem of having their restaurant doors chained OPEN!?!? It was better than any Hollywood movie, and I highly recommend this activity to everyone who has a bit of chain, a lock and a desire for a good old laugh.

We were surprised to see the McStaff appear with bolt cutters after about 20 minutes - I can't believe they actually had them in the shop! They tried to use the bolt cutters like an axe for several minutes, swinging at the chain from above their heads. Once they had got to grips with this very complicated device, they were able to eventually cut through the metal chains which enabled them to close their doors. Lessons have been learnt and the fun will be even greater next time. Watch this space... thicker chain will make things quite a lot more difficult!! hehehe
Much love to all the activists around the world fighting overground and underground for total animal liberation. Keep fighting! We will win!"